About DTI

In-flight entertainment has changed dramatically over the past few years. Technological evolutions on the ground and the abundance of entertainment at everyone’s fingertips have led travelers to expect a wider range of entertainment options when flying.


DTI is the market-leading provider of in-flight entertainment software solutions to the airline industry. The company develops and integrates inflight games and software applications to over 100 airlines around the world, and supplies popular licensed gaming brands to the majority of the world’s airlines. DTI’s software application solutions provide educational and informational content such as the number one digital reading platform on the market, eReader, digital menu solutions and in-flight shopping software that allow airlines to maximize the use of their in-flight entertainment systems.


DTI has also developed a powerful wireless inflight entertainment streaming solution, WISE™, which allows airlines exploring new mobile and wireless in-flight technologies to offer a seamless experience to their passengers from the seat back to the wireless environment.


Whether passengers are looking to indulge in a game of chess, learn a language, enjoy their favorite casual game, or read, shop and purchase from their in-flight entertainment systems and personal devices, travelers around the world can access the very best in-flight entertainment through DTI’s extensive product and solutions catalog.


DTI is a subsidiary of Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq:ENT). Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) is a worldwide provider of entertainment media, technologies and connectivity solutions to the travel industry. Through the industry’s most comprehensive product and services platform, GEE provides airlines and the millions of passengers they serve with a wide range of inflight solutions, including WiFi, movies, television, music, games and infotainment applications, as well as portable IFE solutions, content management services, e-commerce solutions and original content development.  Serving over 150 airlines worldwide, GEE delivers exceptional quality and value to its customers to help them achieve their passenger experience objectives.


DTI supplies games and solutions to the majority of the world’s airlines, including:






DTI has agreements with the world’s most popular brands, including:


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