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Consumers today are content-hungry, especially when they travel. As digital publications and ubiquitous content become widespread on the ground, travellers now expect airlines to offer a digital reading experience during their flight.

DTI is helping airlines around the world adapt their in-flight entertainment strategy to meet today’s digital changes with the in-flight industry’s leading digital publications reader eReader.

eReader allows passengers to access an unlimited number of newspapers, books, magazines and comics in a multitude of languages, at the touch of a button. With eReader, passengers can re-connect with current affairs, catch-up on the latest news and entertain themselves with an array of publications to suit their needs, tastes and cultural interests – all during their flight.

DTI’s eReader software application is compatible with most in-seat in-flight entertainment platforms and available in HTML5 format to be accessed on personal electronic devices. DTI also offers a robust content management system allowing the seamless delivery of content to airline systems.

eReader has a number of key advantages for airlines:

  • Save on Costs: Save on the cost of fuel by replacing and eliminating paper-based publications which are bulky and heavy
  • Go green: Protect the environment by saving on fuel and going paperless for a cleaner environment
  • Entertain all your passengers: Provide a great entertainment experience to all your passengers by providing the same digital publications service to the entire cabin
  • Maximize the Passenger Experience: Offer an array of publications in a multitude of languages and on a wide variety of topics to suit the needs of all your passengers
  • Simplify ground and onboard logistics: Updating, changing and adding to your content catalog couldn’t be easier. No more heavy lifting with those bulky paper-based publications!
  • Ride the trends: Be considered a digital trend-setter! DTI’s eReader is complementary to wireless connectivity and personal electronic devices

In addition to the software application, DTI now also offers a wide variety of digital publications to suit an airline’s route, budget and passenger preferences. Our digital publications catalog provides access to thousands of digital newspapers, books and magazines from around the world.


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